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Adhesives are now used in almost every industrial product.

Yes, adhesive is everywhere. Nature makes it possible; there are countless examples of effective adhesive in flora and fauna. Whether for catching prey or spectacular nest building – clever use of adhesives makes all the difference. Now it is also being applied with increasing effectiveness in industry. Your mobile phone, your car, on warning signs, on test strips from the pharmacist, in DVDs, on wounds, under the floor, on furniture moulding, on beverage bottles... Aeroplanes can also be produced with an extremely light design thanks to adhesives - without which, lift-off would hardly be possible. Adhesives save on material and weight, so there is practically no industrial sector with modern production that does not use adhesive material.

The quality standard of our production meets the highest demands, even those of especially sensitive areas of medical, automotive and electrical/electronic products. Adhesive materials for the high-end range are produce in a clean room under nearly sterile conditions and extreme precision.

One of our areas of emphasis is the automotive industry. We have extensive experience in this area - in the processes and the technology - and we have the distinction of being one of the few specialist processors for 3M Automotive.

Our production processes correspond to the quality guidelines for DIN EN ISO 9001 certification, the special requirements from the automotive sector, DIN ISO/TS 16949, and for environmental management, DIN EN ISO 14001. Therefore a continuously high quality standard and environmentally-conscious production are guaranteed.